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Colouring It Forward is more than a colouring book. Through a series of books and calendars about different nations, it creates a forum to tell the other side of the story about Canada’s Indigenous people — one of hope and of a different future. It’s also a gathering place for people to share their own stories and their art, and to build a community.

Colouring It Forward

As you colour one of Colouring It Forward’s books or read the calendar, you will get a chance to discover authentic Indigenous artwork, read stories and legends passed down for millennia and learn more about our wonderful Indigenous peoples’ spirituality and values. You will also be supporting artists and elders who receive royalties from sales as well as donating to Indigenous projects led by Indigenous people. We invite you to join our community and share your experience. Together we can continue learning about each other and appreciating and supporting each other. This is an important step towards reconciliation.

More About The Projects

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Upcoming Event

Cree Book Launch – Save the Date!

Date: 1 Jun 2018

Time: 7-9 pm

Location: TBD

The Cree colouring book is in the intense design phase. Elder John Sinclair is providing wisdom pieces and stories for the book and artists Delree Dumont and Sam Bighetty are collecting artwork. Diana is converting artwork to black and white and will assemble everything together. We hope you will come to celebrate the launch of our third book of the Colouring It Forward series on June 1st.

Cost: Free

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Support the community

Colouring It Forward helps sustain Indigenous artists and elders, as well as raises funds to support selected Indigenous community projects. By purchasing a book or other product from Colouring It Forward, you are supporting grassroots projects led by indigenous communities.


Learn from indigenous wisdom

Through Colouring It Forward, people will learn more about Indigenous wisdom and teachings. A series of 6-8 books is planned, each focusing on a different Nation and its art and teachings.


Enjoy the artwork

Colouring has become a way to meditate, to leave the stress of the world behind. Enjoy and colour stunning pieces of original artwork by recognized Indigenous artists.

Here is an example of a page spread in the Discover Northern Dene Nation Art & Wisdom colouring book. Each piece of artwork is accompanied by the artist’s meaning behind the work, a story from the Elder or a combination of both. You can also meditate through writing your own thoughts or stories below the Elder’s piece.

Download, Print & Colour It


Colouring It Forward invites you to join our community of artists, elders and people who want to participate in creating a better future for all of us. This community is meant to be a positive place to share artwork, teachings and stories, a place to heal and to grow, to preserve our beautiful culture and support our artisans.

Join The Conversation

Colouring It Forward is a gathering place for all of us – please share your art, your journaling and your stories of hope and dreams for better future on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Diana Frost

The Inspiration behind Colouring It Forward

Greetings to all my relations.

As an artist, I have always been drawn to the beautiful imagery and spirituality of Indigenous art. As an Algonquin Métis, over time I’ve wanted to learn more about my roots. I’ve been searching for a way to both explore more of the wisdom Indigenous people offer and to offer something in return.

My search for a way to connect with my people and to give back turned into the Colouring It Forward project. Each book will be focused on a different Nation and its artists and teachings. To honour the gifts I have received through this project, a portion of the proceeds of sales will go to the contributing artists and to any elders sharing their wisdom, and to Indigenous community projects.